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AN ARTIST'S YOGA BLOG (or a Yogi's Art Blog)

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Returning to Northern New Mexico

My first encounter with Yogi Bhajan was in 1979 at Women’s Camp. Those weeks living beneath the cotton woods, meditating with the master transformed my relationship to my self and my mind. I remember the strange feeling that there was nothing to do, nowhere to go—complete peace within my self. I felt a deep security, the only thing I could not live without, my soul, could not be lost. Twenty years later, on the same campus in Espanola during the Level Two course Conscious Communication, I sat and learned at the physical feet of Yogi Bhajan for the last time. […]

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Art & Yoga Teacher Training: Is the the year for you?

October 18–23, 2015 Art and Yoga Teacher Training For yoga teachers, artists, healers, therapists, and everyone interested in the healing power of yoga and art. If you are a yoga teacher, come learn creative-arts exercises to deepen your students’ experience. If you work in the arts, come discover simple yet profound yoga techniques to enhance creative focus and flow. Hari Kirin Kaur Khalsa offers step-by-step guidelines for facilitating art and yoga as complementary practices. You also learn how to Maintain safe and sacred space Combine movement, sound, and writing with visual arts and Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan […]

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Here is a great practice to keep your body and mind strong and clear this summer

My teacher, Yogi Bhajan, taught this series on July 2, 1984, at Women’s camp in Espanola, New Mexico How does yoga work? How does asana in Kriya work? Disease can come from structural change. This is the oriental, ancient way of looking at it. This body and its bones have no screws and bolts. It is held together by tissue and by muscle. During one’s life many movements occur in the body simultaneously influencing the action of the muscles. Certain muscles are stronger and hold the skeleton in a different way than the other muscles. This can lead to physical […]

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ART & YOGA BOOK Now Available

This book is for anyone interested in yoga and the arts. It explains how to create a daily Art and Yoga practice. It provides step-by-step guidelines for producing art and doing yoga as complementary practices individually, in a group, or in community. Yogis will find creative exercises to deepen their experience of yoga, while artists will discover simple, yet profound yoga and meditation practices that will help their creative flow, focus, and intuition. Along the way, we will draw inspiration from the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, nature, artists of the past, and recent developments in healing and spirituality.

There is no need to know how to draw, paint, meditate, or do yoga to use this book. The art exercises are designed to make the experience accessible and fun, while also introducing a variety of inexpensive, safe, and easy-to-obtain art materials. Any experience you bring to the process will be helpful. If you teach yoga or art or if you work as a healer, you'll find inspiration and practical ways to deepen your professional practice. read more »