• “I like working with you…you’re so shiny” Tim (exhibitions installation manager)

    by harikirin

    August 15,2011

moving our exhibition at the Brattleboro Museum home

The first day back from teaching in New Mexico, I did nothing but sleep, eat, and email from my back porch. The next day,my friend Susan Brown (Sat Dharam) and I rented a U Haul  to drive to Vermont and bring home the eight 6’ x6’ canvases and the projector that is ,”Wherever You are is the Center of the World.” The show was a success with record numbers for the opening and our artist talk (which included a three gong bath),Tom’s gave a talk on Dreams- click to him wax eloquently about Magritte..

And our friend, the poet Patrice Pinnette did an amazing embodied reading in the exhibition.
Here’s my favorite of the poems she read, Pink Cloud

Happy to the degree
we step out
of ourselves
almost completely
bringing back
the residue
that beauty made
of opal overlays:
a light impure but
improved by flecks
of blue green pink.

Poetry and Art help each other.  It was a good run. Now Susan and I are on the back porch together. Looking up grants, emailing curators and museums, and looking for the next show.