• Waking with Grace

    by harikirin

    January 21,2012

After Art & Yoga Retreats many participants write to me to ask how they can continue the practice of getting up early to practice. If you can maintain a rhythm of going to bed early and getting up early, that is the easiest solution. But, we practice Kundalini Yoga to be able to live full human lives, so don’t give up what matters most to you to get to bed early. (Do eliminate staying up late for wasted time like to watching bad movies or worrying about things).

Here are a few things that help me maintain a consistent practice in the early morning-

1. Try to have 5 1/2 hours of sleep every night at a consistent time (10:30 to 4 am or 11 to 4:30 am). If it has been a late night, get up at 4:30 -do your practice and go back to bed after sunrise if your schedule allows.
2. Nap- Three 11 minute naps is ideal (many great creative thinkers were nappers; Einstein for one). Lay down, use an eye bag, cover up with a blanket in shavasana and relax. You can use the same music you use for shavasana in your practice if you like. Don’t worry about sleeping. Just relax. 
3. When you go to bed tell your self when you will get up and why.
4. Don’t listen to your mind when the alarm goes off- get up and go directly to your morning routine. 
5. Prepare for your practice. The night before lay out clean sadhana clothes, a beautiful spot to practice with a shawl, timer, music, journal, etc. 

Sleep is important, for the immune system, for the nervous system, for all the bodies. Don’t push through being tired day after day. It is possible to practice and get enough sleep to feel rested. Be compassionate to your self. We are forging a householders practice. We want the depth of practice of the monastery, while being in life with families, work, friends. We are discovering the Aquarian Age together. It’s not easy but we are blessed to make the effort.