• Here is a great practice to keep your body and mind strong and clear this summer

    by harikirin

    July 10,2014

My teacher, Yogi Bhajan, taught this series on July 2, 1984, at Women’s camp in Espanola, New Mexico

How does yoga work? How does asana in Kriya work? Disease can come from structural change. This is the oriental, ancient way of looking at it. This body and its bones have no screws and bolts. It is held together by tissue and by muscle. During one’s life many movements occur in the body simultaneously influencing the action of the muscles. Certain muscles are stronger and hold the skeleton in a different way than the other muscles. This can lead to physical problems. Life becomes imbalanced and irritation sets in. The whole body structure is responsible for one’s elevation, for one’s “being-ness.” A car has its gas, it has transmission, and it starts. If one part is missing, or if just a little air does not get to the gas, it dies. It is the same with the body.

This set will keep you out of trouble. This is how you can elevate your spirit by adjusting your body . To practice the set visit: To view this Kriya on the 3HO website please click here