• Returning to Northern New Mexico

    by harikirin

    March 12,2016

My first encounter with Yogi Bhajan was in 1979 at Women’s Camp. Those weeks living beneath the cotton woods, meditating with the master transformed my relationship to my self and my mind. I remember the strange feeling that there was nothing to do, nowhere to go—complete peace within my self. I felt a deep security, the only thing I could not live without, my soul, could not be lost.

Twenty years later, on the same campus in Espanola during the Level Two course Conscious Communication, I sat and learned at the physical feet of Yogi Bhajan for the last time. We learned to speak and be heard from a certain chakra and how to listen. We learned the why it’s important for a teacher to know the hidden self and adgenda. We discovered the power of prayer.

Although Yogi Bhajan is no longer in that physical body, his teaching goes on. Every Solstice, Training, White Tantric, Kundalini Yoga Class or tune in for our daily practice, we learn from that same source. He is where ever we teach and practice, where ever you sit and read this newsletter. If you have come to Kundalini Yoga teaching since his passing, you are just as precious to him, and he is just as available to you.

This summer come home to the mother ashram he loved, where he taught. We’ll walk through the same cotton woods to live music sadhana to start the day, with teachers from all over the world striving for excellence and creating friendships and community. We’ll visit the ranch where he lived and meditate in that vibration.

I’ll be leading the Level Two Course: Conscious Communication with Nirvair Singh, CEO of KRI who taught for 30 years at the University of Alaska and Ravi Kaur, a Kundalini Yoga therapist, known for her work with HIV/AIDS and PTSD in Africa and Devinder Kaur from Canada: the Trainer, Numerologists and gong specialist. With these wise teachers, we’ll go deep into the extraordinary teachings on Communication.

Together we’ll learn how to speak and be heard, which chakra we are coming from and how to change it, and how to listen deeply and heal. When teaching, our hidden self can derail us and undermine our progress. Using the yogic tools of self study, compassion and practice we will identify and contain them and the hidden agendas they promote. We’ll also learn yoga and meditation for the Fifth Chakra, communicate with the Infinite and experience the nature of prayer.

Summer is high season in Espanola. So many interesting souls gather. I hope you’ll be one of us. The housing is clean and comfortable. Register soon to have your choice. We’ll eat three meals a day outside under the umbrellas in community. Meet me there and tell me the story of your first encounter with the Teacher and the teachings.

Hari Kirin Kaur Khalsa is the author of Art & Yoga: Kundalini Awakening in Everyday Life, and has been quoted in Yoga Journal, Yoga International, and Spirituality & Health magazines. She

is a lead trainer of Kundalini Yoga, Creative Arts Therapist, artist. and a member of the 3HO Foundation International Board of Directors. She has been a visiting lecturer at Boston University, Marlboro College, Hofstra University, Smith College, and Maine College of Art. She teaches regularly at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Omega and a yoga centers around the world. www.artandyoga.comIMG_0298