Upcoming Trainings:

  • December 28, 2018 - December 30, 2018
    Kundalini Yoga, Painting, & Movement with Live Music

    Hari Kirin and Siri Gopal Kristi Williamson
    Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, Lenox MA

    Spend the final days of 2018 engaged in yoga, deep meditation, movement, and painting. This meditative combination helps you free your creativity, tap into your intuition, release stress, and move into the new year with new resources and awareness.

    Hari Kirin Kaur Khalsa and Siri Gopal Kristi Williamson guide you to access your inner world, open to healing, and discover your guiding creativity. Each session begins with Kundalini Yoga, a potent form of yoga accessible to everyone. Through movement, postures, breathing exercises, and meditation, the body’s natural healing is awakened, stress patterns are released, and you may find yourself expressing your soul’s images with ease.

    This program is for everyone interested in experiencing Kundalini Yoga and the arts in tandem. Those new to these practices are welcome, as are accomplished yogis and artists, dancers, and everyone in between. Return home with a meaningful New Year’s painting, personalized yoga routine, and meditations for home practice.

    Note Tuition includes art supplies. This program offers optional morning yoga, meditation, and chanting classes from 6:00–8:00 am.

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    Student Comments about Art And Yoga Class at Kirpalu

    • Integration of yoga and art was seamlessly melded into an experience of growth. Sense of trust, compassion and loving kindness fostered. Our presenter-very genuine…a quick study, able to think on her feet and respond to the needs of the group- profoundly sensitive and tuned in.”
      —Annaliese, professor, Amherst, MA, Previous course participant
    • Hari Kirin “created a safe place to be vunerable and accepting of all participants…excellent class design and execution suburb.”
      —Lynn, artist / writer, Greenwich CT
    • “This course helped keep me strong in the face of very difficult family circumstances and encouraged me to continue along the artistic path I have found myself traveling for a couple of years. It taught me how to listen to myself and others more patiently and compassionately. …Now I feel I have a new repertoire of skills and images to mentor the present hour whatever it holds.”
      —Emily, mother, poet and fiber artist
    • “The Art really helped me to see that I am not necessarily the uncreative person I thought I was!”
      —Gina, mother
    • “This practice opened me to a new way of practicing yoga, which I would love to continue. The studio time was both, a challenge and a pleasure-new territory for someone who doesn’t ‘create’ in this way. You opened so many doors, and have illuminated a path I’m very grateful to be set upon.”
      —Katrina, writer and editor.

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