Junk Mail Buddhas

Disturbed by the waste of all the catalogs arriving in my mail mail each day, I tried to stop them. I registered on websites, wrote emails and letters….but still they kept coming. Jung said, “Called or not the Gods are present.” Well, I thought, called or not the junk mail came, and so I would use it as material to create images of our divine nature. In Buddhism there is a beautiful thought that we all have buddha consciousness. So I though i would cut up these advertisements in the shape of the Buddha and make art putting together some of our crasser impulses with images of our innate consciousness. The other material in these paintings is wax.

Painting with hot wax, also known as Encaustic Painting, involves using heated beeswax and damar resin, together with the junk mail on wood with other pigments. In this way the junk mail is encased into the surface and layered with color, using the encaustic medium to adhere it to the surface. This technique was notably used in mummy portraits from Egypt around 100-300 AD, and other early icons, as well as in many works of 20th-century by artists like Jasper Johns and Diego Rivera. Treated with care we can expect these painting to last a very long time.

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