Mud Mural

In this project i discovered an ancient and new medium, mud! Diego Sharon, a local artist and teacher at High mowing High School, asked Susan Brown and I if our yoga studio & gallery would host a fundraiser for Oxfam. He also asked if we would guide students in making art based on my Junk Mail Buddhas Series. In conversation, we three decided to paint a mural on the sidewall of the yoga center in MUD. It would be a beautiful temporary spectacle illustrating the compassion of these young people; draw attention to their art auction and in the end feed the garden below. Ethan Hamby and Shana Brautigam from “Rooted in Clay” joined the collaboration bringing their knowledge, skill and sensitivity. We used organic dirt and grass clippings, donated by a local landscaping company, and mixed with clay for our paint.

On Friday, after a Kundalini yoga set and meditation, the student artists created the silhouettes with chalk using spotlights to project their figures on the wall. We returned Sunday morning and in the rain and drizzle, mixed the materials and built the mural up with the mud. The students involved were: Mira Moeller, Taryn McGovern, Chloe Pittman, Zoe Ames, Shea Vacarro, Aaron Landis, Jasper Noer, Julian Valdez, Theo Groh, Rebecca Hillman and Lauren Gilson.

The mural, now three years old, is aging beautifully. If you are driving on 101 in New Hampshire take a small detour through downtown Wilton and check them out.

“Innovative and engaging …Hari Kirin and Susan Q. Brown continue to demonstrate the transformative qualities of art, deeply, powerfully, and wildly in creative new forms.
Their practice weaving in participatory process, makes their work distinctive and memorable.”
Annaliese Bischoff, Curator and Author.

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