Yoga Background

I began practicing yoga and meditation in a Catholic high school in NYC in 1970. Several years later I met Yogi Bhajan,* who brought Kundalini Yoga to the US and studied with him until his passing in 2004. He gave me the name, Hari Kirin — Hari is the Creative aspect of the Divine and Kirin is a beam of light.

I find the Kundalini Meditations extremely effective and I also practice daily silent meditation and Hatha Yoga. I am inspired by study in Zen, Vipassana, therapeutic yoga, Buddhism, the Gospels and the writings of mystics both east and west. Many teachers have contributed to my practice over the years most recently Sensi Kaz Tanashi / Dogenji and Roshi Joan Halifax.

I have taught yoga for over thirty years and spent decades training students to become yoga teachers. These days I only teach yoga and meditation as part of Art & Yoga programs, individual or group sessions.

“…my treasures are those souls You have linked with mine.”
St. Therese of Lisisux